Tronsmart Splash 1 review

Another novelty in the line of portable speakers from Tronsmart is the tiny Splash 1. Onboard there is bluetooth 5.0 and AUX connector, up to 24 hours of playtime on a single charge with a modest peak power of 15 watts and backlighting. Looks like a great option for the kids or for a weekend hike. Once upon a time, Tronsmart Element Splash was created and it seemed to be even in demand. Now it is practically not for sale, since it had a micro-usb, which frankly speaking, does not suit anyone today. Therefore, the updated Tronsmart Splash 1 model has come to replace it.


  • Premium Dual Drivers with Passive Radiator for Tonal Balance.
  • True Wireless Stereo for Stereo Surround Sound.
  • IPX7 Waterproof.
  • Patented SoundPulse ® Technology.    
  • Powerful 15W Stereo Sound in a Compact Size. 
  • Colorful Light Show with 7 Colors Auto-switch.
  • 24 Hours of Playtime.
  • Bluetooth 5.0.

Tronsmart Splash 1 is delivered in typical Tronsmart packaging. The packaging is minimal: manual, audio cable 3.5mm to 3.5mm and Type-C cable for charging.

On one side there are ports under a rubber cap, on the other side there are two buttons – on and mode change. Between the buttons there are 4 indicators of the battery charge level. With the declared 24 hours, it really is enough for 20+ hours and 30% of the volume level, which is enough for an unobtrusive background audio in the room.

Tronsmart Splash 1

The strap is adjustable in size with a slider, but it cannot be removed. But you can hang it on the strap of your backpack while walking and the speaker will not be lost.

Tronsmart Splash 1

Above the control buttons. Everything is intuitive, although there is a double functionality – you can switch tracks by pressing. Pressing the + and – buttons turns on sound pluse. Quite cool feature from Tronsmart, when in this mode the speaker becomes actually 20-30% louder and more bass.

Tronsmart Splash 1

Also, one of the differences between the new Tronsmart Splash 1 and the previous version is the side illumination, which makes the speaker more noticeable in the dark, for example, in nature, and in general it looks much more fun.

Tronsmart Splash 1

Unlike some more powerful models, Tronsmart Splash 1 does not squeak or hiss when idle. During testing, Splash 1 automatically connected to various smartphones on Android and iOS without any problems or breaks. The minus is that Tronsmart have not yet added Splash 1 to the branded app, from the columns you can only find Tronsmart Studio. Of the codecs, only SBC, no AAC. The first connection is manual, then it picks up automatically. There were no claims to the range of the communication radius or some unreasonable dumps of the connection.

Tronsmart Splash 1

With two columns, the idea is very cool, do not forget to multiply price by two. And, as usual, Tronsmart speakers only pair with the same model, they do not pair with other speakers even from that manufacturer.


Tronsmart Splash 1

It all depends on the conditions of use. For example, even half the volume of the Tronsmart Splash 1 will be enough for a child, at this level it plays quite cleanly. Full volume is enough to sound the middle room. In this case, Tronsmart Splash 1 will not strive to escape from your table, as may be the case with some of the more powerful models.

At maximum volume, the speaker also plays without wheezing and crackling, everything is pretty clean. On the street or in the forest, you will most likely have to listen to music at full volume. Do not forget that you can connect Tronsmart Splash 1 paired with the same one and get twice the power, while the effect of volume will appear, which will make the sound impression much better.

Tronsmart Splash 1

In general, the speaker for its price category covers an approximate frequency range. It has a bit of bass and treble is also present – which is a problem for most competitors at this price point. However, you should not expect anything more in terms of sound.


Tronsmart Splash 1

Tronsmart Splash 1 is quite a quality product that came to replace its rather successful predecessor. This is a planned upgrade which brought modern technology such as Bluetooth 5.0 and Type-C connector (backlighting for more fun) in a product familiar for many outdoor enthusiasts. Splash 1 is sure to find its consumer, first of all lovers of travel and outdoor activities.

Tronsmart Splash 1 gives an acceptable sound, good protection from moisture, comfortable design and quality materials. Another nice product from Tronsmart for the traveler for a reasonable price.

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