Tronsmart Studio Review

Tronsmart Studio is quite a compact speaker in a rugged metal case, with a dense and loud sound, and also with support for memory cards. Let’s take a closer look at the new device from a well-established Chinese manufacturer.



  • Patented SoundPulse® Technology.
  • Patented TuneConn™ Technology to Sync Audio Across 100+ Speakers.
  • Lossless High Fidelity Audio.
  • Frequency range: 60Hz – 20KHz
  • Personalize Audio via In-app Equalizer.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 Connectivity. (Bluetooth profile: A2DP/SBC)
  • Intelligent Voice Assistant.
  • Type-C Charging Port.
  • Power of 30W and dynamic 2.1 channel sound
  • IPX4 Waterproof
  • Charging time: About 3 – 3.5 hours
  • Up to 15 Hours of Playtime. (Battery Capability: 2000mAh)
  • Dimension: 80mm x 45mm x 45mm
  • Weight: 1043g/ 36.79 oz


Tronsmart Studio

The speaker is delivered in a durable cardboard box with colorful printing.

Tronsmart Studio

In the Box: Tronsmart Studio speaker, Type-C charging cable, User manual, Warranty card, Aux-in cable.


Tronsmart Studio

Tronsmart Studio is a compact speaker with a fairly simple yet versatile design. Speaker body is all-metal. It consists of a one-piece aluminum panel with cut-out holes for buttons and a stand. The case feels very solid. The build quality as always in Tronsmart products is excellent.

On top of the speaker is a panel with seven rubber buttons and LED indicators.

Below you can find a large support – also made of rubber.

There is nothing on the sides. The front and back of the speaker are covered with wide steel grilles. In the lower right corner of the front grill is the Tronsmart logo.

On the right back side there are connectors: Type-c, AUX and a slot for micro SD memory cards. The speaker stand consists of a plastic base and an outer rubber part. The stand securely holds speaker on the table, absorbs vibrations, and also serves as an antenna mount.

The Tronsmart Studio speaker has a fairly simple but ergonomic shape. The small height (62mm with the stand) of the speaker allows to be placed in niches with a limitation in height (for example, in a stand for a monitor or on a pull-out shelf of a computer desk). The buttons are pressed tight. The clicks are correct (no false positives).

The speaker turns off automatically after one hour (if it does not play music or is not paired via bluetooth with any device).


Tronsmart Studio is fully charged in three hours. The power consumption is 4555 mAh at 5.15 V (23456 mWh). The manufacturer indicates a capacity of 2600 mAh (voltage is not known). Fast charging technology is not supported. For an hour of charging, the Tronsmart Studio consumes almost 2000 mAh. For two hours 4000 mAh. With bluetooth connection, the speaker worked continuously (at medium volume) for 12 hours. The manufacturer indicated 15 hours (when playing from a memory card or AUX, speaker is quite capable of lasting so long).


Tronsmart Studio pairs with bluetooth devices in the same way as most other speakers. The connection is stable. No signal delay detected. Our tests have shown that Tronsmart Studio only supports SBC codec. The instructions also indicate only SBC. But AliExpress also mentions AAC (most likely a mistake).

Software and controls

The Tronsmart Studio speaker is compatible with the Tronsmart app, in which you can: switch equalizer presets, change the sound source, turn off the speaker remotely, and update the firmware.

Next, let’s talk about the purpose of the buttons. In the upper row are the buttons: Minus, Play and Plus, and in the lower row: Power, Bluetooth, Broadcast and SoundPulse.

  • Minus: Short press to lower the volume. Long press switches to the previous song or video (does not work in AUX mode).
  • Play: Play/pause. Holding the button for five seconds will reset the settings.
  • Plus: A short press increases the volume. Long press switches to next song or video (does not work in AUX mode).
  • Power: Long press turns the power on and off.
  • Bluetooth: Single press switches the audio source (bluetooth/micro SD/AUX). Double click puts bluetooth into pairing mode.
  • Broadcast: Creates a network of many Tronsmart Studio speaker.
  • SoundPulse: Activates SoundPulse mode. Long press – call the voice assistant. Pressing during a call – accept/end the call. Long press during a call – reject.


Tronsmart Studio

Tronsmart Studio has inside: two broadband emitters, one low-frequency, as well as two units with a pair of passive emitters. Active emitters are directed forward. Passive emitters are located in the voids between active ones.

The frequency response of the Tronsmart Studio is flat in the middle, with drops in LF and HF. Tronsmart Studio’s presentation is dark with rather coherent high frequencies. At first, it may seem that the speaker does not sound very expressive and flat, but as soon as you turn on the SoundPulse, the sound is radically transformed for the better. Anker Soundcore Motion has similar features. There you can also increase the bass using a special button, but the difference between the amplification on and off in Anker is less noticeable than in the Tronsmart Studio. Turning on the SoundPulse mode in Tronsmart Studio: increases the volume by a third, significantly adds bass, and also makes the overall sound more dense and massive. We use SoundPulse all the time – in movies, music, games, and YouTube videos. A really great feature.

The speaker volume is really amazing. Tronsmart Studio is probably the loudest speaker (with similar dimensions) that we have ever listened to. Anker Soundcore Motion is definitely not quiet, but still, Tronsmart Studio is more than half louder. On some speakers, when you turn on the bass boost, the volume just rises and the high frequencies are lowered – thereby creating the illusion of bass boost. In Tronsmart Studio, amplification works honestly – with an increase in the power of the low-frequency emitter. You can feel it physically – when you touch the front grille with your palm, you feel the air begin to chase between your fingers.


Tronsmart Studio

At the moment, Tronsmart Studio is offered for a promotion for $68.99, which is a really attractive price for such a device. Tronsmart, as always, offers a little more than any competitors: louder sound, longer battery life and overall high quality materials. All this makes Tronsmart Studio a really great choice among most portable speakers today.

Pros and cons


  • High volume.
  • Low latency for bluetooth connection.
  • Support for memory cards.
  • Nice battery life.


  • Only SBC codec is supported.

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