Klippel SCN-NF near-field measurement module eliminates the need for an anechoic chamber

Klippel equipment can now be supplemented with the SCN-NF module. The “NF” in the name of this device stands for Near Field. The novelty is intended to become a necessary element for many designers and manufacturers of acoustics. The main advantage of the SCN Near-Field Add On, which complements the Klippel SCN scanning vibrometer, is the ability to measure speaker parameters without using an anechoic chamber.

This feature offers significant benefits. An anechoic chamber is an expensive object, and working in it complicates measurements. Now they can be handled “on the go” – in the office or on the production line. The system will complete a comprehensive scan of 400 measuring points in about an hour.

Klippel SCN-NF

Near-field work uses holographic technology, and the new laser sensor is complemented by a measuring microphone. The resulting holographic model describes the acoustic wave field of the speaker in a three-dimensional format. This same technology is used in the Near Field Scanner (NFS), which is available on a much smaller number of SCN equipment options.

Together with the SCN near-field module, Klippel has expanded its SCN Scanner vibrometer to the SCN Multi-Scanning Workbench version. This multifunctional device complies with IEC 60268-21 and IEC 60268-22 standards.

Klippel SCN-NF

The Klippel SCN Near Field Add-On will be featured in the second series of Klippel Live webinars “Electrical and Mechanical Measurement of Sensors and Systems in Accordance with IEC 60268-22” personally by Dr. Wolfgang Klippel. Another Klippel Live webinar will talk about the SCN Multi-Scanning Workbench.

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