Nothing 1 Wireless Headphone Concept: Pipe Design and Transparent Body

The startup Nothing was created by the former (until September 2020) co-founder of the Chinese manufacturer of TVs, headphones and smartphones OnePlus, designer Carl Pei. Concept 1 has already appeared on the project website – the first concept of Nothing. At the same time, we recall that in translation from English Nothing means “Nothing”.

Concept 1 represents the design of future wireless headphones. Their appearance is scheduled for one of the summer months. According to Nothing, the transparency of the case embodies the desire to bring technology closer to people.

The novelty, like all future Nothing products, must comply with three corporate principles. Weightless means that technology is reduced to the bare essentials, and the product is freed from all that is unnecessary. Effortless is about making life easier for users. Timelessness (Timeless) models Nothing should be embodied in natural and human, but not outdated forms.

In particular, the Concept 1 draws inspiration from my grandmother’s smoking pipe. There are no details on the features and options of the upcoming Nothing 1 wireless earbuds yet.

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