Apple to stop production of HomePod speakers

Apple has announced it is discontinuing production of its HomePod wireless speakers (the device hit the market in early 2018). Now all forces will be concentrated on the HomePod Mini, which was presented in the fall of 2020.

The reason for abandoning the original HomePod was low demand, which, in turn, was due to the very high price of the speaker (about 40,000 rubles in the Russian market) and several setbacks at the start (for example, almost immediately after the launch of sales, users began to complain about the bottom of the column, which spoiled the furniture).

Apple plans to sell off all the remaining HomePods and pay more attention to promoting the Mini-version, which the company itself called a “hit.” The company promised that all HomePod owners will continue to receive updates and technical support, and no blocking is expected either.

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