Simaudio Moon 40th Anniversary Edition at its finest: maroon 680D and 600i V2

Back in April, Simaudio announced a special audio system to celebrate its 40th anniversary, and even showed a small part of the trim. Now the anniversary devices – special versions of the 680D streamer-DAC and the 600i V2 integrated amplifier – can be fully appreciated: the company officially presented them and showed them from all sides. As previously reported, the devices received a golden-burgundy finish, referring to the company’s devices from the 80s. The consoles are decorated in burgundy color. In addition to two devices and a remote control, the kit also includes a full set of high quality cables.

Simaudio Moon 40th Anniversary Edition

Each unit is marked with a commemorative plaque made of rose gold with an engraved company logo and anniversary date. For delivery, the system will be packed in special boxes with steel stiffeners and side panels with wood trim.

Simaudio Moon 40th Anniversary Edition

The technical characteristics of the anniversary models do not differ from the classic ones — and we tested the same amplifier, only black, not so long ago. But the anniversary set, firstly, will be sold only as a set (you will not be able to take a streamer DAC or amplifier separately), and secondly, it will be released in a very limited edition — only 40 pairs of devices for the whole world.The cost of the kit will be £29,500.

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