Hybrid amplifier Taga Harmony HTA-1000B: Psvane tubes, Toshiba transistors and built-in DAC with Bluetooth

The Taga Harmony HTA-1000B hybrid full amplifier is based on Psvane Classic series tubes (one ECC83 and two ECC82) in the preamplifier and Toshiba transistors in the power stage. The manufacturer stated that this combination made it possible to achieve simultaneously soft, warm and powerful sound. It delivers 105 watts per channel at 8 ohms. Taga Harmony has highlighted a few things besides tubes and transistors. The HTA-1000B uses a “high-power” toroidal transformer for stable operation at any volume, a Japanese Alps potentiometer, Wima capacitors, audiophile gold-plated terminals and ceramic “long-life” lamp sockets.

Taga Harmony HTA-1000B

The rear panel of the amplifier houses three main RCA inputs, including one for a turntable with an MM-head, one output from the preamp, two pairs of speaker terminals and two digital connectors (coaxial and optical). The built-in DAC is rated for quality up to 24 bit/192 kHz.

Taga Harmony HTA-1000B

The HTA-1000B also has a Bluetooth module that can receive a signal from any mobile and stationary device. The model also boasts a headphone output. For EQ lovers, there are Bass and Treble controls.

Taga Harmony HTA-1000B

The body of the device and the supplied remote control are made of aluminum. The amplifier was supplemented with a “tube” backlight on the front panel. On the European market, the HTA-1000B hybrid stereo amplifier costs about 670 euro.

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