Audel U-Basik 5/8 the company’s first monitors

Based in Sicily, Audel di Walter Carzan has introduced the first passive monitors in its portfolio, the Audel U-Basik 5/8. These are classic two-way shelf speakers. According to Audel owner and chief designer Walter Carzan, they were also the first model not partly made by hand.

The acoustics that Audel has been famous for for nearly 15 years are usually distinguished by their hand-crafted, layer-by-layer glued wooden cabinets. The production of one such column takes up to 10 days. The share of manual work in the Audel U-Basik 5/8 model has been reduced by about half.

Audel U-Basik 5/8

Each monitor is a two-way bass reflex with a front bifurcated port, a 5-inch woofer with a deliberately “subwoofer” design and a 29mm soft dome tweeter. The speakers are promised a range from 47Hz to 25kHz with a good sensitivity for compact two-band speakers of 89dB. Recommended amplifier power: 20W to 100W.

The body of the Audel U-Basik 5/8, measuring 350x220x210mm with an internal volume of 8 liters, is made of laminated birch plywood, and the front panel is made of ebony or Canaletto walnut. The surface is covered with natural varnish based on beeswax.

Audel U-Basik 5/8

Availability and price

In Europe, the ebony-paneled version of the Audel U-Basik 5/8 will cost €2,200 for a pair, and €100 more for a walnut.