SEAS has expanded the Nextel Excel series with the W12CY006 midrange

The Norwegian company SEAS has expanded the selection of drivers for the updated Nextel Excel series with the release of the W12CY006 midrange (E0091-08). More recently, we have already talked about the release of its larger counterpart under the SEAS W18NX003 index. Following this 6-inch speaker, the appearance of its 4-inch counterpart can be considered quite logical.

Both drivers were developed with the participation of the famous acoustic designer Troels Gravesen (Troels Gravesen). The novelty was the successor to the successful model W12CY003 (E0044-08S). As before, the main feature of this midrange can be considered a classic cellulose diffuser in combination with a two-layer coating Nextel.

SEAS Nextel Excel W12CY006

In addition, the speaker received a magnetic system, the constancy of the field of which, it is claimed, will be able to further reduce distortion. The titanium frame of the sound coil is designed to eliminate problems with its overheating — it perfectly removes heat and withstands high temperatures.

The low and yet symmetrical inductance of the sound coil is complemented by the careful design of the short-circuited elements in the magnetic system. The W12CY006 suspension is characterized by reduced mechanical resistance-all this is aimed at providing accurate microdynamics in combination with high sound pressure.

SEAS Nextel Excel W12CY006

According to the developers, the SEAS W12CY006 speaker will find application in three-way systems of the highest level. Nothing is known about the cost of the new product yet.

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