Dynavoice Classic CL-16: Two-way speakers with realistic sound

In addition to the older Dynavoice CL-28, the CL-16 from the same Classic line also appeared. The sound signature is the same – detailed, open, and with good bass control.

Two-way speaker configuration: high frequencies are voiced by an inch tweeter with a soft dome, the middle and bass are a 6.5-inch paper speaker with a special impregnation that increases the frequency of bending resonance and adds rigidity to the diffusers.

Dynavoice Classic CL-16

The model plays from 50 Hz to 20,000 kHz. With a sensitivity of 86 dB and an impedance of 4 ohms, the peak power was 120 watts.

Dynavoice Classic CL-16

Shelves with dimensions of 220x380x300 mm weigh 8.1 kg. Like the floor model, they are available in two colors: black and walnut. In addition, the kit includes magnetic protective grilles in two shades: light gray and dark gray.

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