Dynavoice Classic CL-28: 3-Way with 8” Woofers

The Classic CL-28 floor pads from the Swedish brand Dynavoice are the largest model in the Classic line: the three — lane pads reach 108 cm in height and weigh almost 24 kg. The name of the Classic line refers to the classic appearance of the acoustics, largely based on the old models of the company.

According to the developers, they managed to achieve a detailed, open sound and a well-controlled bass, which allows you to correctly position the instruments on an imaginary stage. There are four speakers in the acoustics: an inch tweeter with a soft dome, a 5-inch midrange and a pair of 8-inch bass speakers loaded on two phase inverters on the back.

Dynavoice Classic CL-28

The paper diffusers of the midrange / woofer speakers are coated with a special compound that prevents bending resonance at high volume. Thanks to the use of coated paper and aluminum baskets, the speakers are light but rigid — and work, according to the company, with a minimum of distortion. As a result, the CL-28 plays in the range from 38 Hz to 20 kHz and has a sensitivity of 88 dB at a resistance of 4 ohms.

Dynavoice Classic CL-28

The acoustics themselves stand on a thick wooden pedestal. It provides both a thread for the spikes included in the kit, and holes for soft damping legs. The model is available in two colors: black and walnut. The protective grilles are magnetic.

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