NAD has released a 16-channel CI 16-60 DSP installation amplifier

According to the manufacturer, the multi-channel installation amplifier CI 16-60 DSP from NAD was created with the expectation of high-quality sound, reliability and functionality that simplifies the work of the installer.

On board the device there are 16 channels with a power of 60 W each (at 8 ohms). If necessary, each pair of channels can operate in bridge mode with a power of 140 watts. The amplifier is based on a proprietary hybrid circuit.

The CI 16-60 DSP output stage is based on the optimized Hypex UcD module, which is characterized by minimal distortion and noise. According to NAD, the whole scheme has been carefully refined and adapted to multi-channel projects, where “complex” speakers and long cables are used.

NAD CI 16-60 DSP

The model also took DSP-calibration via a special application, several modes of operation, the function Eco Mode for energy saving, auto on/off, IP connection/management and rakovy 2U.

In the US market, the cost of the CI 16-60 DSP amplifier was $2,500.

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