Aragon Titanium Amplifier: Class AB in 8008 Discrete Proprietary Circuitry

The American company Indy Audio Labs has released a Titanium stereo power amplifier under its Aragon brand. The novelty has been added to the flagship model Iridium in the Elements collection. Titanium is based on the proprietary 8008 platform and operates in class AB, delivering 2 x 200 watts to speakers with an impedance of 8 ohms (4 ohms – exactly twice as much).

Ted Moore, CTO at Indy Audio Labs, called the Titanium one of the few truly balanced and discrete American-made amplifiers on the market today. THD of the novelty does not exceed 0.03% with a signal-to-noise ratio not worse than 110 dB.

Aragon Titanium Amplifier

The on / off switch of the device can be controlled via Ethernet and RS-232. A simpler option for automation in almost any stereo setup is a 12V trigger. Titanium is ready to accept input to both balanced XLR and unbalanced gold-plated RCA connectors. Two pairs of gold-plated terminals are provided for connecting the speakers.

In the US, the Aragon Titanium amplifier costs $11,000.

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