The DAC Boh RS2 digital-to-analog converter is built on the basis of the Pre Box RS2 Digital model, but is adapted for use with integrated amplifiers – the pre-amplification section with the input switch has been removed as unnecessary, thereby reducing the price of the device.

DAC Boh RS2 has a fully balanced design and a “double mono” topology; the digital-to-analog converter is built on two ESS9038Q2M chips (one per channel). Supports PCM streams up to 32 bit / 768 kHz and DSD512, equipped with a full range of digital inputs. USB interface – on the XMOS platform with a multi-core RISC processor, which is charged with the task of eliminating jitter. There is an I²S input on the HDMI connector for connecting to the CD Box RS2 T CD transport.

One of eight switchable digital filter presets is for the MQA format. Analog cascades – on lamps and transistors with a choice between them.