Spec RPA-MG5ST – Class D – it’s expensive!

The Japanese company Spec, specializing in the highest-end transistor electronic components, introduced the RPA-MG5ST stereo power amplifier. The novelty is made in the traditional two-body concept for the company with an external power supply and develops up to 150 Watts in each channel when working on a load with a nominal resistance of 8 Ohms or up to 300 Watts with a load of 4 Ohms. At the same time, the amplifier has a wide operating frequency range, which extends from 10 Hz to 30 kHz with a frequency response deviation of no more than +/– 1 dB.

The Spec RPA-MG5ST amplifier inherited many technical solutions from the RPA-MG1 monoblock. For example, here too the output stages work in class D, using an analog electronic attenuator. This proprietary technology is called Pure Direct System in Spec. The Spec RPA-MG5ST stands out for its weight – the amplifier itself weighs 18 kg, and another 27 kg is accounted for by an external power supply. Both the amplifier and the power supply are clad in identical cases made of spruce panels, which according to the developers is not only stylish, but also has a beneficial effect on the sound quality.

The Spec RPA-MG5ST stereo power amplifier is due to go on sale in September. The recommended retail price of the new product in Japan will be 3.5 million yen, or about 32000$.