Audient EVO 8: compact all-in-one audio interface for musicians, gamers and podcasters

British company Audient has launched sales of compact audio interface EVO 8. The model is an advanced version of EVO 4. According to the manufacturer, the device is intuitive and will simplify the musician’s work.

There are four main entrances and four exits on board the novelty (the eight in the name just indicates this). There is also a separate front jack for connecting a guitar, two headphone outputs and of course USB.

Built-in preamplifiers (58 dB gain range) and transducers (113 dB dynamic range), according to Audient, do not distort the signal, transmit it as quickly and fully as possible. To make the system work better with a connected computer, the manufacturer offered proprietary software for creating mixes.

It should be noted that EVO 8 is positioned as a universal interface “for everyone”, including musicians, streamers, podcasters. There is an automatic gain control system. The multifunction buttons are designed to provide quick and easy control over all outputs and inputs. If necessary, the user can instantly muffle unnecessary signal.

The model has already appeared on the European market at a price of 200 euro.