Audiophile FAST Cylindric: Customized Home Line Array

The acoustic experts from the Frankfurt company Audiophile FAST (FAST – Full Range Speaker and Subwoofer Technology) have created the Cylindric speakers. The development of the systems was supported by the financing program “WIPANO – Transfer of Knowledge and Technology through Patents and Standards” of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi). The novelty uses line array technology at home.

Audiophile FAST Cylindric

Typically, modular linear sound source speakers can be seen at large concerts taking place in huge halls and stadiums. Audiophile FAST Cylindric speakers are built on the same principle: the frontal planes of the speakers installed in separate sections are located along a convex curved surface, so that the upper section sounds the farthest zone, and the lower one – the nearest. Audiophile FAST said that the Cylindric acoustics allows you to project the entire orchestra into the room and create a kind of acoustic hologram, while the comfortable listening area is much larger than the usual “sweet spot”.

Audiophile FAST Cylindric

The Audiophile FAST Cylindric sections themselves look a little strange. A common housing with an open baffle unites the low-frequency drivers, and the broadband mid / high-frequency speakers are brought forward in a separate housing, five pieces per section. The number of sections can be varied to choose from, from three to six, while the total height of the column reaches 205 cm, and the weight – up to 73 kg. In the passive version, the acoustics has crossover options for transistor or tube amplifiers. In active (with its own amplifiers) Audiophile FAST Cylindric systems can be supplemented with wireless connection and room correction system. Individual sound adjustment is possible.

As standard, the housings are made of glued beech with an oiled, waxed surface. On request, the cabinets are available in transparent or black gloss or matt treated with stain. The cases can also be made of MDF with painting in any color. The price of different versions of the Audiophile FAST Cylindric in Germany is from 12,000 to 19,500 euro.