Study: sounds of nature have a positive effect on health

A joint group of North American researchers (Carleton University, the University of Michigan, and Colorado State University) studied the relationship of natural sounds to the human body. According to scientists, the “sounds of the forest” not only relieve stress and help our brain “reboot”, but also literally treat.

Rachel Buxton, of Carleton University in Ottawa, who led the study, concluded that patients begin to feel better when they are played recordings with natural sounds. According to Rachel, hospital patients who participated in the study reported improved mood, reduced acute pain, increased energy and no constant stress.

According to the researchers, different sounds act differently: for example, water charges with positive energy, and the singing of birds helps to survive stress and generally calms an irritated person.

Note that for the study, Rachel and her colleagues used recordings of sounds from US national parks. Scientists stressed that in recent years, it has become increasingly difficult for officials to “protect” parks from noise.

However, they try to: restrict the movement of cars, prohibit music, parties, etc. In national parks, they try to preserve the atmosphere of”pristine nature”. Buxton also noted that during the pandemic and quarantines, the situation with live natural sounds has become better, as everyone sits at home and does not make noise.

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