ZMF Headphones announced limited edition Verite headphones with camphor wood cups

In the ZMF Headphones, cup material plays a huge role. Brand models are offered with cups made from a wide variety of tree species – and this directly affects the sound. The company regularly releases limited edition headphone models that use unusual wood in its design, and this year one of the limited Verite installed camphor cups with influxes.

It is very difficult to process the influxes, they are porous, with cavities, with irregularities, and earlier with such cups it was possible to purchase other ZMF headphones, more budget ones, but now they are available in the flagship model.

The camphor tree itself is light, but in the influx due to curls it gains additional strength. Such a feature, as stated in the description, facilitates the design, but at the same time provides a good temporal response with elegant attenuations, which are slightly more than in models with silk-wood cups.

The rest no changes: beryllium emitters with a lifetime warranty, open acoustic design, magnesium construction, two sets of ear pads, a copper cable, several metals to choose from for protective grilles and bolts, a walnut case. Headphones in a minimal configuration will cost $2,699 . To this cost, you can add cables, for example – silver plated for $350, as well as a headphone rack for $80.

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