Grado has announced a limited edition series of headphones with cannabis cups

According to developers from Grado, their “Hemp Headphones” are the world’s first cannabis headphones. But, to be honest, not only it was used in the cups: the highly compressed fibers, indeed, turned out to be quite dense, but they were additionally strengthened with maple. As a result, this combination, according to the developers, made it possible to get “deep sound with noticeable bass and high frequencies, smoothly playing to the limit of the range”, and maple helped balance the nature of the sound. The description says that these are some of the best limited Grado in terms of sound.

The speakers were also not just screwed on – they had to be adjusted to the material of the cups that no one had worked with before. Maple made tuning a little easier because it added predictability, but still had to work hard so that the speakers could fully unleash the potential of hemp cups. The speakers themselves were selected with an accuracy of 0.05 dB. The range of frequencies reproduced by headphones is from 13Hz to 28kHz. Acoustic design – open, impedance – 38 Ohms.

Headphones are connected to the sources by a branded eight-core cable, they have a leather headband and soft earpads. They are assembled entirely by hand in Brooklyn. The limited edition Hemp Headphone will cost 420$.