Ophidian updates Minimo, Mojo and Mambo acoustics

Ophidian has redesigned the M-Series acoustics. Three models – Minimo, Mojo and Mambo – have been updated with the number “2”. According to the head of the company Gareth James (Gareth James) this means that all three models have been completely redesigned from scratch.

All three models retain a 27mm fabric dome tweeter from the original version, manufactured by the Norwegian company SEAS. Instead, the 3.5 “bass and midrange driver has given way to its redesigned 4.5” (115 mm) sibling with an impregnated paper cone. Its surface area has increased by 65%. The driver is equipped with a 4-layer 1-inch (25 mm) voice coil in a ventilated aluminum frame with a larger magnet.

Ophidian Minimo Mojo and Mambo acoustics

These drivers are powered by the proprietary Aeroflex bass reflex system. As a result, according to Ophidian, the M 2 speakers are capable of delivering “true sound that defies their compact size.”

A pair of refreshed mid / bass drivers in the Mambo 2 floor stand is complemented by a hidden third woofer in the cabinet, allowing for a lower frequency limit of 38 Hz.

Ophidian Minimo Mojo and Mambo acoustics

The speakers were equipped with crossovers assembled on Mundorf components, with non-inductive resistors and heartless inductors.

The design of the wooden cabinets of all three systems in natural oak or walnut finish is complemented by removable grills with magnetic mounts.

Ophidian Minimo Mojo and Mambo acoustics

The Ophidian M 2 series loudspeakers are still in production in Sheffield. In the UK, the compact Minimo 2 stands at £900, the larger rack-mount Mojo 2 costs £1,200 and the Mambo 2 floorstands cost £2,000.