Universal Music Group has closed access to its music in the Triller app

Universal Music Group (UMG) has removed all of its songs from the Triller app (creating music videos a la TikTok), including the hit section from Taylor Swift, Kanye West and other popular artists.

According to UMG, representatives of the Triller service have forgotten about mandatory payments and “do not value artists”. According to UMG representatives, Triller’s new license agreement was also abandoned.

Triller head Mike Lu, in turn, said that it all looks like a misunderstanding or a stupid prank. The creators of the application are confident that they are right, claiming that “no additional agreement with UMG is needed, since the artists work directly with the platform and are Triller shareholders.”

Despite the above, in 2018, an agreement was concluded between Triller and UMG, which needs to be “updated”. In any case, so far Triller has refused to sign any contracts, accusing UMG of using artists and unacceptable financial conditions.

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