Comply Foam Tips 2.0: memory foam earbuds for Apple AirPods Pro

The Comply brand, owned by Hearing Components, has introduced an improved version of the Comply Foam Tips 2.0. The novelty is intended to replace the standard silicone earbuds that come with the popular in-ear Apple AirPods Pro headphones.

According to company representatives, silicone does not always provide comfort for long-term use. The Comply earmolds are designed to correct this shortcoming: they are made of super soft memory foam.

Comply Foam Tips 2.0

Comply says the material used in the Foam Tips 2.0 has better adhesion to the inner silicone frame that secures the earbuds to the earbuds. In addition, the earbud holes are fitted with nets to protect the headphones from dust and debris. At the same time, Comply Foam Tips fit seamlessly into the charging case, just like their silicone counterparts.

Memory foam creates a seal in the ear that is much better at isolating the ear canal from external noise. In addition, Comply said that with their earbuds, the earbuds are comfortable for much longer than with stock silicone. “Our memory foam earpieces stay securely in your ear and are comfortable all day long. Sometimes I forget that I wear headphones, ”said Chris Hudson, President of Comply.

Comply Foam Tips 2.0

On the manufacturer’s website for buyers of Foam Tips, there is a way to accurately select their size in accordance with existing analogues. The Comply Foam Tips 2.0 kit of 3 pairs of earbuds is now available in the US for $25.