Tentogra has revealed a battery-powered WOWO turntable

The third model of the turntable by the Polish company Tentogra called WOWO followed Oscar and Gramy. Wojciech Samołyk, chief designer and owner of the company, participated in its development.

Each piece of WOWO can be significantly different from the rest, as all Tentogra models are made to order. The prospective owner, at a minimum, can count on an individual specification and choice of finishes (aluminum color and veneer options).

Tentogra WOWO turntable

The radically clean power WOWO gets from the battery pack, the specifications of which can also be selected. The body of the new product uses a sandwich structure made of aluminum, which Tentogra called “relaxed” — it removes internal stresses (obviously, by heat treatment). Two other materials used in the WOWO housing are Kevlar and multi-layer veneer bonded under high pressure.

Tentogra WOWO turntable

The WOWO actuator is separated from the housing, mounted on anti-vibration mountings. The engine provides three standard rotational speeds: 33 1/3, 45 and 78 rpm. The rotation speed is adjusted with a potentiometer.

The arm mount is adjustable so you can mount arms from 9″ to 12″ on the turntable. The mount fits Kuzma arms and the new Tentogra Planette arm.

Tentogra WOWO turntable

Without tonearm and battery, the Tentogra WOWO turntable weighs 37 kg and costs about 6,000 euros in Europe.

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