Campfire Audio has released another limited edition version of the Solaris headphones

The Solaris model is the best known in the Campfire Audio catalog, and the company periodically releases limited editions of these headphones. Previously, there was a Special Edition with cases decorated with mother-of-pearl, and now there is a Limited Edition with a special engraving on the outside of the cases.

Technologically, the model combines the features of both the original Solaris and Solaris 2020: in large cases borrowed from the first version, there is a SolidBody sound chamber, presented in updated headphones. According to the developers, due to this, it was possible to achieve the widest stage possible, the distinct reproduction of each instrument and the preservation of the timbre richness for which the Solaris line is famous.

Campfire Audio Solaris limited edition

Otherwise, the headphones remain the same: two reinforcing emitters installed in combination with the patented TEAC-chamber play out high frequencies in the widest possible range. Another armature, larger and with an open casing, is responsible for the mid frequencies, while the 10 mm ADLC diaphragm dynamic driver reproduces the bass.

The limited edition is richly equipped. In addition to the ALO Audio Super Smoky Litz cable, which consists of four silver-plated copper conductors, it also includes an ALO Audio Pilot DAC adapter for mobile devices. It is built on the basis of the ESS Saber 9281cPro chip, which supports signals in PCM up to 384 kHz and DSD up to 5.6 MHz, does not require a separate power supply and is suitable for working with smartphones on both Android and iOS (there is a USB-C to Lightning adapter ).

Campfire Audio Solaris limited edition

The set also includes 11 pairs of ear pads, a bag for them, a leather case for the headphones themselves and a brush for cleaning the sound guides.

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