Moog Sound Studio: musical creativity kits

Moog Sound Studio is a set of “everything you need” to explore the world of synthesizers and sound from scratch. As explained at Moog, the package included all the necessary cables, accessories and tools. The manufacturer offered two different options: a kit with a semi-modular Mother-32 synthesizer and a kit with a semi-modular Subharmonicon synthesizer. Both kits come with a Drummer From Another Mother (DFAM) drum machine.

The Mother-32 synthesizer was released in 2015. This model became the first synthesizer from Moog in the tabletop format. At the heart of the analog Mother-32 is one 10-octave voltage controlled oscillator with pulse width variation. The synthesizer features a CV mixer, analog white noise generator, LP/HP filter and dual waveform LFO.

Moog Sound Studio

The Subharmonicon is a polyrhythmic analog synthesizer with two voltage controlled oscillators, four subharmonic oscillators, a pair of 4-stage sequencers, and four rhythm generators. The device will allow you to create complex polyrhythms with a “special sound”.

Moog Sound Studio

Both kits included mixers, patch cables, stands, and a variety of illustrated tutorials.

Moog Sound Studio

In the US, the Mother-32 based Moog Sound Studio cost for $1,400, and the Subharmonicon kit cost $1,450.

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