Hornsolutions revived Western Electric WE15A horn acoustics

Fans of horn acoustics will surely remember such a device as the Western Electric WE15A – one might say, “the mother of all horns”, developed in 1928 by engineers of the Western Electric company. The original designs of those times sold for wild sums of up to 80,000 euro, and now they simply cannot be found on the market. German Hornsolutions have revived the design of the legendary horn and released their copy of the Western Electric WE15A. The length of the horn with dimensions of 144×144 cm reaches 538 cm, and with a cutoff frequency of 51 Hz it can be used from 80/100 Hz.

Hornsolutions Western Electric WE15A

This is the oldest model in the Hornsolutions catalog, designed to work in the low and mid-frequency range – and, as stated in the description, in terms of tonality and euphony, this design still cannot be surpassed. The directional sound of the horn is 45°, the recommended crossover frequencies are 100 Hz/6000 Hz. A pair of horns will cost 24,000 euro, stands for them are sold separately – they will be made of any wood at the request of the customer for 2,390 euro.

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