Audio Alto AA O105 SL acoustics: open housing and versions with and without amplification

The Hi-End speaker manufacturer Audio Alto from Slovenia has repeated all the main features of the larger AA O105 speakers in its AA O105 SL acoustics. The bass speakers, reduced from 12 to 10 inches, are supplemented with a 5-inch broadband driver. The more compact and budget-friendly AA O105 SL dipole speakers are ready to sound a room of up to 100 sq. m.

The panels of these open-baffle systems have a multi-layer sandwich structure. The result is a reduced weight of the column (no more than 18 kg) with increased rigidity.

The manufacturer is ready to design the acoustics to the taste of the buyer — there are options from piano varnish to an oil-soaked wooden surface. On the back of the speakers are covered with elastic black radio fabric.

Audio Alto AA O105 SL speakers are available in two versions: active and passive (the full name of the passive kit is AA O105 SL P). In the first case, compact modules of 250 Watts RMS are mounted in the lower part of the back surface of the shields.

Audio Alto AA O105 SL

The amplifiers are complemented by digital DSP processors with a 9-pole parametric equalizer. The proprietary software will allow you to adjust the sound of the system and save three options for settings, for example, for quiet and loud listening. A remote control is provided for the control. In addition, the active acoustics will be able to “wake up” from the signal at the input.

Passive Audio Alto AA O105 SL P with an impedance of 5 ohms operate in the frequency range of 35-20, 000 Hz with an unevenness of -4 dB.

The price of the Audio Alto AA O105 SL speakers is still unknown. The senior AA O105 system for the US market is priced at $30,000 per pair.

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