Furutech LAN-8 NCF Ethernet Cable: Triple shield and NCF connectors

The LAN-8 NCF network cable manufactured by Furutech belongs to category 8. This means that the new product is ready to transmit up to 40 Gbit / s at frequencies up to 2,000 MHz.

Each of the ready-made LAN-8 NCF patch cords is equipped with end connectors with Furutech Nano Crystal (NCF) dielectric housings. According to the company, this material generates negative ions that neutralize the static charge. In addition, the NCF converts thermal energy by radiating it in the far-infrared range.

Furutech LAN-8 NCF Ethernet Cable

NCF is used as a composite, which also includes nanoceramics and carbon. The RJ45 standard connector (8P8C) received non-magnetic contacts coated with 24-karat gold, and a copper alloy shell with the same coating.

All metal parts of the LAN-8 NCF underwent two-stage cryogenic processing and demagnetization using the proprietary Alpha technology. This is done to stabilize the metal, relieve internal stresses and increase electrical conductivity.

The cable itself is made on the basis of silver-plated conductors made of 24 AWG OCC copper in Teflon insulation. They are twisted and shielded in pairs, then aluminum foil and copper braid shielding is added. The top of the cable is protected by a flexible but strong plastic shell.

The Furutech LAN-8 NCF Ethernet cable is already available. A patch cord of the minimum length of 0.6 m in the UK will cost 120 pounds, and the maximum (5m) – 260 pounds.

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