Audiophile Ethernet Cable Acoustic Revive LAN-Quadrant-Triple C: Special copper, Teflon insulation and silk sealer

The cable with the complex name LAN-Quadrant-Triple C from the company Acoustic Revive received a special structure with four separate insulated wires. According to the manufacturer, this Ethernet cable is characterized by almost complete absence of interference and distortion, which provides an unprecedented level of quality.

The cable used the PC-Triple C (Pure Copper Continuous Crystal Construction) technology: a copper conductor with a purity of 6N (99.9999%), created by a special method with a seal of 70% and longitudinally elongated copper grains (instead of the usual transverse ones). Allegedly, such material was created specifically for the audio industry, so that the signal was cleaner, more accurate, richer and more flawless.

Ethernet Cable Acoustic Revive LAN-Quadrant-Triple C

The manufacturer focuses on Teflon insulation, which has a more suitable dielectric constant for audiophile wires than PVC. The company also used silk as a sealer: this should prevent the appearance of static electricity and have a positive effect on the sound.

Among other things, Acoustic Revive used Telegärtner connectors treated with ECI-50 cleaning compound. In Japan, the cost of a meter-long LAN-Quadrant-Triple C cable was 88,000 yen (about $850 at the current exchange rate).

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