Luxman SQ-N150 amplifier: four EL84 JJ pentodes, built-in Phono corrector and arrow indicators

Luxman SQ-N150 is a tube integrated amplifier with four el84 JJ Electronic pentodes operating in a push-pull output stage, providing 10W of power for 6Ohm speakers. The input stage is implemented on two miniature ECC83 dual triodes of the same manufacturer. The new product uses the Luxman P-K scheme with separate phase inverting.

In addition to the three line inputs, the amplifier also received a built-in Phono corrector that works with two types of cartridges: MM and MS. The input selector is implemented using the circuit elements of the top-of-the-line C-900u control amplifier. Line Straight mode bypasses the timbre and balance adjustment circuits, ensuring minimal distortion in the signal path.

All input signal switching is asymmetric and implemented on gold-plated RCA connectors. The headphone output is displayed on the front panel of shot-treated 5 mm aluminum. The panel also has a place for illuminated arrow indicators of the output signal. The controls received an aluminum surface with a “brush-like” treatment.

The complete remote control, also made in aluminum, harmonizes with the design of the SQ-N150. Among other things, it will allow you to control, for example, the Luxman d-N150 CD player.