Gryphon Audio Design Vanta Cables: Gold-Silver Alloy with Gold-Plated Silver Braid

Gryphon Audio Design introduced the flagship cable line, marking the company’s 35th anniversary. All products of the line received the general name Vanta. Among them: inter-component, acoustic, power and digital cables, combined by common manufacturing technologies, ideology and design.
Especially in a special video presentation, the neutrality of the cables with respect to the audio signal and attention to detail is emphasized. Suffice it to say that each conductor enclosed in PTFE insulation is soldered under a microscope.

Externally, the cables are connected by a black polyurethane outer sheath. All Vanta products received premium packaging in clear plastic cases. Vanta cable signal conductors are made from Gryphon silver-gold alloy. A wicker structure made of silver-plated copper wires was used as a screen.

For various cable options, appropriate connectors from well-known manufacturers were used, including: Oyaide models for power and digital cables, as well as Neutrik XLR connectors.

Speaker cable tips are made of gold-plated solid copper in a specially designed Gryphon housing made of black anodized aluminum.

The prices of Gryphon Vanta cables are already known. A power cable will cost from 3,800 euro for 1.5 meters, an inter-component cable – from 4,800 euro for a pair of 1 meter, an acoustic cable – from 11,800 euro for a pair of 2 meters. Finally, a 75Ohm Gryphon Vanta digital cable costs from 2,900 euro per meter.