Denon updated the “Home” line

The update is software, so it applies even to those who already have devices of this series. Not only new firmware has been released, but the HEOS mobile app has also been upgraded.

As a result, users of Denon Home devices get a more convenient interface and new features. In particular, this is the Bass Tuning function, which allows you to eliminate the rumble and make the bottoms clear when placing the speakers next to wall or in corner of the room.

To do this, Placement EQ setting is added, which adjusts bass level based on the location of speaker system – a freestanding speaker, next to a wall (or on a shelf), in the corner. The system works in real time, so user can switch between three settings and choose best option by ear. Also, latest firmware version has added new music management features.

The update is available from June 25, 2020 for all Denon Home devices. Users only need to turn on the speaker system and connect it to the Internet to start the update after opening HEOS application. If you selected automatic updates during configuration, new software should already be installed.