Audiolab 6000A – among the best stereo amplifiers in 2020

The British magazine “What Hi-Fi” (17 June 2020) published a list of the best stereo amplifiers in 2020 – “Best stereo amplifiers 2020: budget and premium”. Among them is the Audiolab 6000A model, previously tested in magazine “What Hi-Fi” and received the highest ratings – “5 stars” for all criteria – sound, functional equipment and design quality!

Here is what the editorial Board wrote in support of its decision:
Audiolab 6000A: A hugely capable stereo amplifier for the money.

Reasons to Buy: Clear, refined and articulate sound, big and spacious presentation , good spread of features.

What Hi-Fi: “Arguably, this is the only stereo amplifier at this price capable of troubling the Rega Brio (at no.6). So needless to say the Audiolab 6000A is a very accomplished performer.”

“It’s well-equipped on the connections front – four digital inputs, three analogue inputs, and a pair of moving magnet phono inputs. Add Bluetooth and a headphone output to the equation and you’ve got a list of options the Rega simply can’t match.”

“So how does it sound? Very good indeed. Though considering it uses technology derived from the top-of-the-range 8300A series, and the same DAC chip as the Award-winning Audiolab M-DAC, its prestige audio quality comes as no surprise.”

“The 6000A’s open and airy presentation gives music plenty of room to breathe and there’s bags of refinement on offer too. It’s clean and articulate, with a gorgeous sense of clarity and an absolute tonne of detail to get your teeth into. Take it from us, the 6000A doesn’t disappoint.”

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