Scan-Speak tweeter D2404/552000: elliptical sound coil and magnetic system D AirCirc

Scan-Speak has expanded the Ellipticor family of speakers with the d2404/552000 inch dome tweeter. The novelty repeated the design of the larger brother D3404/552000, including the main feature of the Ellipticor models — an elliptical sound coil in the corresponding magnetic gap.

Of course, this is a design complication, but according to Scan-Speak, it provided excellent dispersion characteristics, an extension of the high frequency range to 30 kHz and very low distortion.

Scan-Speak tweeter D2404/552000

The capabilities of the Scan-Speak d2404/552000 tweeter are also due to the frequency of its own resonance, which turned out to be much lower than the limits of the operating range. The sensitivity of 91 dB is combined here with an impedance of about 4 Ohms. The d AirCirc magnetic system with eight powerful neodymium magnets is complemented by a copper ring.

Scan-Speak tweeter D2404/552000

The manufacturer recommended using the D2404/552000 in two-way speakers, paired with 15-or even 18-inch midrenches. From its range for working in conjunction with the D2404/552000, Scan-Speak has selected the Ellipticor 18WE midrange.

Scan-Speak tweeter D2404/552000

The tweeter is complemented by a front panel made of black anodized aluminum with a decorative ring. It forms the correct directional pattern and at the same time hides the mounting screws.

In Europe, a pair of Scan-Speak d2404/552000 tweeters can already be purchased for 490 euros.

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