Omicron Tesla cable stabilizer: 12 damping balls and three magnetic regulators in a Delrin case

The stand for Tesla cables of the Italian company Omicron is made of chrome-plated Delrin plastic. As stated, in the proportions of the body, the principles of the Golden section are observed. The new product is available in silver or black trim.

The cable must be placed in the slots between the bottom-extending base and the cylindrical top. But Tesla isn’t just a cable stand. According to Omicron, the device also dissipates unwanted mechanical energy. A built-in dual system of 12 support balls is responsible for this process.

Omicron Tesla cable stabilizer

In addition, Tesla also regulates the magnetic flux. Omicron said that using the built-in magnetic conduction system, it is possible to accurately direct electrons — that is, an audio signal-through a conductor (cable). And as a result, there is “optimization of the calibration of the electric current in any cable”. The result is reduced distortion and signal loss.

Omicron Tesla cable stabilizer

The configuration of the magnetic field (and therefore the effect of the Tesla stabilizer on the cable) is adjusted by turning the regulators with spiral slots. There are three of them in each stand: one at the base and two more at the top. Omicron noted that the beneficial effect of Tesla on sound will manifest itself for almost all cable connection options, including USB.

There is no information about the cost of the Tesla cable stabilizer yet.

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