Tidal Audio Unveils Intra Reference Amplifier

German company Tidal Audio (not to be confused with streaming platform) has unveiled the Intra reference amplifier. It is the successor to the “Impulse” model in a smaller body. It comes in the same size as the Tidal Prisma and Camira, so it fits easily with regular rack-mount components.

Tidal called the Intra a high-quality stereo amplifier – but that’s just one way to connect the Tidal Intra. It has four termination amplifiers for two separate power supplies, which are suggested to be thought of as two stereo modules. Each of them is built in a double mono architecture. Tidal is known for its auto sound amplification for the Bugatti Royale – and the 4-channel amplifier was perfected there.

Tidal Intra

For the highest quality, Tidal suggested using only one stereo module out of two – with separate channel power supplies. The amplifiers operate in a class D outside of class A ideology, that is, a fully discrete pre-class A with a class D output stage, and without capacitors along the entire signal path. The power in “audiophile” mode can be up to 2×340 watts into 8ohm speakers.

If all four modules are running, paired in bridged mode, the power will increase to 2×1,180W. You can also try biamping – 4×290 watts at 8ohms. Another mode is Tidal LPX, it is intended for connecting a subwoofer. The amplifier accepts the input signal on four balanced XLR connectors.

Tidal Intra

In the US, the Tidal Intra will cost $28,000.

Tidal Intra Specifications

  • dual-stereo power amplifier
  • primary mode: 2 channel stereo. Each power supply powers one channel only for best performance:
    – 2 x 340W at 8 ohm
    – 2 x 670W at 4 ohm
  • dual stereo mode bi-amping: each power supply powers two channels.- 4 x 290W at 8 ohm
    – 4 x 540W at 4 ohm
  • dual mono mode for LF amplification: BTL mode per stereo module for low frequency applications, such as for the TIDAL LPX technology to drive TIDAL speakers bass-active.- 2 x 1.180W 8 ohm
    – 2 x 1.830W 4 ohm
  • fully discrete front end amplifier with class-A technology and class-D outputstage
  • completely DC coupled signal path from input to output stage (no capacitor in the whole signal path)
  • 4 x XLR audio input
  • TIDAL remote power on/off input
  • performance protection: temperature, current, DC and HF
  • Dimensions: 44cm x 13cm x 39cm / 17.3″ x 5.1″ x 15.3″ (width x height x length)
  • Weight: 27 lbs. / 12 kg

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