Estelon Extreme Mk II features improved Accuton drivers and upgraded crossovers

Estonian firm Estelon has updated its flagship Extreme acoustics to the Mk II version. Last time we saw Extreme floor standing speakers and one of their Extreme Limited Edition incarnations at the last pre-pandemic Munich High End 2019. Another updated version of the same acoustics – Estelon Extreme Legacy Edition – was presented back in 2017.

As with any premium product, the Estelon Extreme Mk II floorstanding speaker continues to focus on the design of the signature 2-section cabinet. The upper part can be shifted relative to the lower one vertically and deeply to adjust the phase characteristics. All of this is made of marble-based plastic composite. There are several two-tone combinations to choose from with the names Midnight Opera, Bronze Royale, Lunar Eclipse and Nordic Emerald.

Estelon Extreme Mk II

Accuton Drivers

The most important update was the replacement of drivers from Accuton. The Extreme Mk II now features a 7-inch ceramic cone midrange. Diamond inch tweeter plays up to 60kHz. Both are in line with the CELL concept that Accuton has been promoting for almost 10 years. Also for the Extreme Mk II, crossovers have been improved by replacing inductors, capacitors and resistors using a patented direct-connect technology.

Estelon Extreme Mk II

Proprietary direct connection

The Estelon Extreme Mk II is now connected to the enhanced proprietary direct-connect speaker cable universal terminals. The design minimized the massiveness of the conductors and eliminated unnecessary metal-to-metal transitions. The terminals are compatible with virtually any connector, including bare-metal speaker cable.

Estelon Extreme Mk II

In Europe, the Estelon Extreme Mk II has a suggested retail price of 200,000 euros.

Estelon Extreme Mk II Specifications

  • TYPE 4-way passive loudspeaker, bass reflex
    Woofer: 2 x 250 mm (11 inches) CELL aluminium sandwich from Accuton (custom design)
    Mid-woofer: 250 mm (11 inches) CELL aluminium sandwich from Accuton (custom design)
    Midrange: 168 mm (7 inches) CELL ceramic membrane from Accuton
    Tweeter: 25 mm (1 inch) CELL diamond from Accuton
  • FREQUENCY RESPONSE 25 – 60 000Hz
  • POWER 500W
  • SENSITIVITY 91dB/2,83V
  • MATERIAL Marble based composite
    Height: 1770 mm – 2070 mm (69.7 – 81.5 inches) / adjustable
    Width: 690 mm (27.2 inches)
    Depth: 820 mm (33.3 inches)
    Net weight: 250 kg (551 lbs) per piece
  • RECOMMENDED ROOM SIZE 50-200m² (538-2153 square feet)

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