Gryphon Audio Unveils Flagship Commander Preamp and Apex Power Amplifier

Gryphon Audio has introduced two flagship devices: the Commander preamplifier and the Apex power amplifier (stereo and mono version). Traditionally, the manufacturer was not modest, calling its new creations “the most advanced” and “setting new standards. As you might guess, prices match those claims.

Gryphon Commander preamp

The Gryphon Commander is based on the “dual mono” circuit that was previously used for Gryphon Pandora preamps. Also, the novelty got a one-act A-class buffer, built on two transistors and one resistor. The important features of the Gryphon Commander include zero feedback and a several times lower noise level when compared with previous Gryphon Audio products.

The power supply of the flagship Gryphon Commander preamp was split into two separate modules. In total, the engineers used four massive toroidal transformers. Two of them are reserved for components that the company is going to release in the future.

The chassis of the Commander was made of aluminum, supplementing the structure with a “sandwich” base panel made of steel, bitumen and Kerrock composite. All this rests on spiked legs, designed to completely eliminate vibrations. The front panel of the preamp has a touch screen display.

Gryphon Apex amplifier

Gryphon Audio Apex Power Amplifier

The Gryphon Apex amplifier is available in two versions: Mono and Stereo models. Special attention was paid to the Mono version. A pair of Apex monoblocks is 128 bipolar transistors, a bank of 2,080,000μF capacitors and four toroidal transformers.

One mono amplifier delivers up to 1800 watts per channel into 1 ohm. The company requires Apex amplifiers to handle any acoustic, including the “complex” protocol. Like all opposite Gryphon amplifiers, the Apex is class A.

Gryphon Audio Apex Power Amplifier

To connect acoustic systems, the manufacturer equipped Apex with terminals of its own production, which are suitable for connectors of any type.

Prices are set as follows: in Europe, the Gryphon Commander preamplifier will be costs for 52,500 euros, the Gryphon Apex stereo amplifier will cost 82,500 euros, and a pair of Gryphon Apex monoblocks will cost 165,000 euros. Also, those who wish will be offered StandArt stands worth from 6,500 euros.

Gryphon Commander Specifications

Gryphon Audio Commander spes

• Input Impedance, balanced: 18KΩ
• Input Impedance, single ended: 12KΩ
• Output impedance: 7Ω
• Bandwidth (-3dB): 0.1Hz to 1.5MHz
• Gain: +18dB
• THD + N: 0.003% @ 1kHz and BW 10Hz – 30KHz, balanced output
• Total Power Supply Capacity: 2 x 90,000uF
• Power consumption: ≤ 0.5W (standby), 90W (idle)
• Dimensions Preamp unit, WxHxD: 48×23,6×45,5 cm, net unit weight. 30,5kg
• Dimensions PSU unit, WxHxD: 48×23,6×44 cm, net unit weight. 38,2kg

Gryphon Apex Stereo Specifications

Gryphon Audio Apex Stereo Power Amplifier spec

• 2 x 210W @ 8Ω, 2 x 420W @ 4Ω, 2 x 800W @ 2Ω and 2 x 1490W @ 1Ω with 115V/230V AC supply
• Output impedance: 0.015Ω
• Bandwidth (-3dB): 0.3Hz to 330KHz
• Power Supply Capacity: 1,040,000uF in total
• Gain: +31,0dB
• Input Impedance, balanced (20-20000Hz): 20KΩ


• 593mm X 371mm X 886mm (W x H x D), 202kg net., each Stereo or Mono cabinet.

Gryphon Apex Mono Specifications

• 1 x 225W @ 8Ω, 1 x 450W @ 4Ω, 1 x 880W @ 2Ω and 1 x 1690W @ 1Ω at 115V/230V ac supply
• Output impedance: 0.010Ω
• Bandwidth (-3dB): 0.3Hz to 330KHz
• Power Supply Capacitance: 1.040.000uF
• Gain: +31.0dB
• Input Impedance, balanced (20-20000Hz): 10KΩ


• 593mm X 371mm X 886mm (W x H x D), 202kg net., each Stereo or Mono cabinet.

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