Old Future Turntable: Inspired by 70s Seoul Architecture

Designer Keonwoo Lee has designed the turntable and acoustics, calling the set Old Future. The design of the kit is inspired by the architecture of Seoul in the 70s, with sloping roofs and narrow windows, and a speaker and turntable installed next to it resemble the cityscape of those years. It was at that time, in the 70s, that vinyl was at its peak – hence the choice of an inspiring era.

Old Future Turntable

A certain futurism, as stated in the name, is added to the devices by an iridescent translucent plate covering the table and playing with neon shades. The systems are presented in two body colors: pale green and pale pink.

Old Future Turntable

However, the turntable cannot adequately work with an inclined table – therefore, it is brought into working position using height-adjustable feet, due to which you can level the surface.

At the moment, the kit is just a stylish concept, albeit quite thoughtful and detailed. So there is no information about a possible release, as well as about the characteristics.