Geneva Lab DeCon: deconstruction of classical acoustics

Geneva Lab is known for its unique approach to the design of equipment, and their recent development – the DeCon acoustics – is fully consistent with the brand principles. In the description of the model it is stated that the developers wanted to “deconstruct” acoustics, combine sound and design, turn an active audio system rather into an interior item, but at the same time leave it with high-quality sound.

Visually, the model resembles the technique of Dieter Rams and other designers of the same era. Interior design and similarity to furniture were achieved due to the absence of a display and buttons – the column really looks like a very high bedside table on a massive bed. Due to the fact that the acoustics are wider than they are high (if we exclude the stand), it also creates the feeling that this is not a speaker.

Geneva Lab DeCon

The design is dominated by wood, steel and aluminum. The speakers on the front panel are covered with a fine-mesh steel mesh inscribed in an aluminum frame – and the frame is ground flush with the outside of the wooden cabinet. The acoustic design is closed.

Maximum attention was paid to ease of management. Without buttons and displays, the smartphone becomes the main control: the speaker supports AirPlay 2, Chromecast, Bluetooth, and can also become part of a multi-room system. Internet radio stations are also available in the acoustics app.

Geneva Lab DeCon

In addition to the application, you can use the included aluminum, heavy remote control. From it you can adjust the volume and equalizer – and on the remote control itself there is an LED indication that lights up only when you press the buttons.

Line-in, SPDIF and HDMI with ARC support are available from cable connection options – so the speakers can be connected to a TV. Three built-in Class D amplifiers deliver a total of 500 watts: this power is shared between two ‘tweeters 5.25” mid/woofers and an 8” subwoofer.

Geneva Lab DeCon

The built-in DSP is responsible for optimizing the sound. Plays DeCon from 20Hz to 35kHz. Apparently, the acoustics are intended for use as a separate device, and not as part of a stereo pair.

The acoustics came out rather big: with dimensions of 45x40x78 cm, taking into account the rack, it weighs 40kg. There are three finishes: walnut with champagne-colored aluminum, white wood with black aluminum and wenge with brass. The cost of the Geneva Lab DeCon in Europe was €1,995 excluding taxes.