Silbatone SQ-107 MKII Phono corrector: nos radio tubes and transformers with silver

The Korean company Silbatone Acoustics shared photos of The silbatone SQ-107 transformer-tube Phono corrector updated to the MKII version.

The device, equipped with four inputs (a pair for mm and MC type cartridges), will now receive signal transformers, some of the windings of which are made of silver wire. Taking into account the signal requirements in the MC preamp circuit, the transformers will be individually configured.

Silbatone SQ-107 MKII Phono corrector

As for the hybrid semiconductor-tube circuit, it includes genuine factory-made NOS products. In the photos published in social networks, you can see a pair of Siemens c3m pentodes in the voltage amplifier circuit and a pair of vintage 7044 lamps from General Electric in the buffer stage.

Silbatone SQ-107 MKII Phono corrector

All this, combined with the price of the new product (it has not yet been announced), according to Silbatone, will provide the SQ-107 MKII with a “truly killer combination” of parameters.

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