Panasonic RX-D552, RX-D550 and RX-D500: new series of boomboxes

Panasonic has introduced three new models of portable tape recorders, in which the radio, CD, Bluetooth or USB act as a signal source. Unfortunately, there was no room for a cassette deck.

All new items have the same size and weight, as well as design. In the acoustic and amplifying parts, there are also few differences – the models are equipped with two eight-centimeter SHP speakers, driven by amplifiers with a total power of 20 watts. The Panasonic RX-D550 and RX-D552 additionally have round phase-inverter ports, and all radio recorders have an electronic Sound Booster circuit for bass amplification.

The RX – D552 features a DAB+ tuner in addition to FM, as well as Bluetooth. There is a wireless module in the Panasonic RX-D550, as well as a USB port. The weight of the tape recorders is 2.5 kilograms.

Panasonic RX new series of boomboxes
Panasonic RX new series of boomboxes

The Panasonic RX-D500 boombox will be sold in the European market for 129 euros and will only be available in black. The Panasonic RX-D550 and RX-D552 models are available in black and white colors and will cost 179 and 199 euros, respectively. The new items will go on sale in June 2021.

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