My Bloody Valentine to be reissued on vinyl

All the music of the noisy Irish rock band My Bloody Valentine will be re-released on vinyl. The releases will be released on the Domino label, with which My Bloody Valentine will sign a contract.

In fact, there won’t be many releases, considering that the band has been around since 1983 (though with a 10-year hiatus from 1997-2007). Reissue all three of the band’s studio albums: “Isn’t Anything” (1988), “Loveless” (1991), and “mbv” (2013). In addition, a compilation of the music of My Bloody Valentine from 1988-1991 will be released (so far it is announced on two CDs), supplemented with rare tracks and a 16-page booklet.

My Bloody Valentine to be reissued on vinyl

The band is currently working on two new studio albums. The band’s entire vinyl catalog will be available from May 21.

Each of My Bloody Valentine’s three vinyl albums in the UK costs between £18 and £22 to pre-order. Double CD album “My Bloody Valentine EEP’S 1988-1991 and rare tracks” — £13.

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