Razer has released a Pro version of the hammerhead TWS headphones with active noise cancellation

At one time, Razer released fully wireless hammerhead headphones, and now it’s the turn of the Pro version. The differences from the usual one are quite serious: the active noise reduction function is added and the signal delay is reduced, so the model is suitable for professional players.

According to the company, Hammerhead Pro has a hybrid noise reduction system that eliminates “external and internal noise”. The type of headphones has also changed: if the usual Hammerhead were plug — in, the Hammerhead Pro-in-channel and are equipped with six pairs of silicone ear pads of various sizes, as well as a pair of foam nozzles Comply.

Razer hammerhead Pro

The headphones are protected from water and sweat according to the IPX4 standard. On a single charge, the hammerhead Pro batteries will last up to four hours, and thanks to charging from the case, the total working time of the headphones will be 20 hours. For control, touch pads on the outside of the headphones are used, marked with the Razer logo.

Razer hammerhead Pro

Hammerhead Pro also has THX certification: this is said to mean that the headphones are capable of “delivering clear, detailed vocals and deep bass without the slightest distortion at high volume”. The headphones have speakers with a diameter of 10 mm and a special game mode that can reduce the duration of the signal delay “compared to other headphones that use SBC/AAC”.

In the US, the Razer Hammerhead Pro is already available for $200.

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