ESS Technology SABRE ES9080Q chip

The American company ESS Technology has released the SABRE ES9080Q DAC chip. The new product includes eight ESS SABRE DACs. According to the manufacturer, for the first time in the world, they are supplemented with eight linear analog output drivers.

This is an almost ready-to-use device in the form of a square 40-pin chip in the QFN form factor. Just apply the input signal and power. A phase-locked loop (PLL) circuit is also integrated here, which makes it possible to dispense with an external quartz resonator.

Built-in operational amplifiers will eliminate several more energy-intensive and expensive elements on the Board of a future device based on the ES9080Q. There are eight analog line outputs with a 2 V RMS signal.

ESS Technology SABRE ES9080Q chip

The ES9080Q is ready to handle PCM sampling rates up to 768 kHz and DSD up to DSD512, as well as TDM and DoP formats. It includes two encoders for converting PCM or TDM to An s/PDIF output signal. The built-In hyperstream-II modulator will allow you to take the jitter beyond the sound range.

It is claimed that the operating temperature range from -40° C to 125° C makes the ES9080Q DAC attractive for Car Audio applications. The new product can also be used in AV receivers, multi-channel processors, DACs, and other devices, including professional audio equipment and audiophile systems.

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