OneOdio Studio Hi-Fi Headphones Review

OneOdio Studio Hi-Fi is closed back wired headphones featured powerful 50mm Neodymium drivers which as the manufacturer promises, will provide high quality sound: сlean and impactive bass, bright treble without distorted, never too loud or piercing. Considering the $49 price the OneOdio Studio Hi-Fi currently sells for, it may seem that all of the above sounds too loud. However, looking ahead, we note that OneOdio managed to do something incredible, at least in this price range we simply cannot find a model that gives such a sound quality and experience. However, first things first.


OneOdio Studio Hi-Fi comes in an unremarkable cardboard box with a simple kit, two cables can be called a distinctive feature of the kit.

The first cable is a coiled 6.35mm with a 3.5mm jack. The length of this cable is 1.6 meters (uncoiled) and 3.2 meters (stretched).

The Studio Hifi headphones also include a regular 1.2 meter straight audio cable with 3.5mm jacks and a built-in one-button remote.

A single button controls the audio playback functions (play/pause, skip/previous/back) and calls (answer, end, and reject). There is also a microphone built into the body of the remote, which is located on the front just above the button.

Also in the kit you find a simple branded pouch bag made of leatherette. A nice addition. We did not want to expect more for the money.


OneOdio Studio Hi-Fi

OneOdio Studio Hi-Fi are made of rather cheap to the touch plastic. However, it is worth immediately paying tribute to the whole structure is assembled quite well and does not cause any complaints.

OneOdio Studio Hi-Fi

At the bottom of the headband is a soft leatherette insert for comfort.

The mechanism for elongating the bowls has a metal base, works clearly, with a well-felt clicks. The bowls have a small stroke around it.

The ear pads are soft and quite comfortable, made of leatherette. Channel markings inside in large letters. Note the high level of sound insulation.

From the outer part of the bowl along the contour they are painted with silver paint, in the center the Oneodio logo is also painted with silver. It looks pretty cheap, probably more because of the dissonance that such a weighty name of the Studio Hi-Fi model causes. However, this is not the main thing in this model, the Hi-Fi name will be completely true later on with its sound characteristics.

OneOdio Shareport technology

OneOdio Shareport technology

An interesting feature of OneOdio Studio Hi-Fi is its own Shareport technology. It allows you to connect several pairs of OneOdio Studio Hi-Fi headphones in one chain and listen to the material at once to several people at the same time.

OneOdio Studio Hi-Fi

A distinctive design feature of OneOdio Studio Hi-Fi is the presence of different stereo connectors for connecting a cable on different bowls. On the left – 3.5mm, on the right – 6.35mm. With a set of cables, this gives quite many switching options and makes using the OneOdio Studio Hi-Fi extremely convenient out of the box.

In general, OneOdio Studio Hi-Fi is quite light (253g) and most importantly, despite the abundance of cheap materials, they sit on the head just fine. Ergonomics of bowls and design is simple and very comfortable. This will suit the vast majority of users and will not cause any complaints. Even after a long listening experience is very positive. Good balance between materials and comfort, especially considering the price.


OneOdio Studio Hi-Fi

The OneOdio Studio Hi-Fi have Hi-Res Audio certified and are primarily positioned as studio for music creation, recording, monitoring and mixing. However, this does not prevent them from having a special musicality. The sound of the OneOdio Studio Hi-Fi is quite composed and mostly flat with slightly raised and rather elastic low frequencies. The virtual stage is medium in volume and quite transparent.

The overall sound delivery is quite assertive and dynamic. OneOdio Studio Hi-Fi is great for playing rock and other instrumental styles. The bass drum is clear and tight, the mid range is in its place and does not get lost against the background of rather bright low frequencies. The high frequencies are quite natural, although they have some sandiness at the high points. However, we did not expect something super-realistic, for this price segment HF are very good.

The OneOdio Studio Hi-Fi is definitely suitable for monitoring and mixing due to the overall density of the sound presentation and relatively flat frequency response. But OneOdio Studio Hi-Fi also gives you a good scope for listening to various styles of music, especially if you like assertive and slightly dark sound. A good balance between monitorability and musicality.


OneOdio Studio Hi-Fi

OneOdio Studio Hi-Fi combines a professional orientation for working with sound, the ability to enjoy a wide range of instrumental and electronic styles while really having fun listening, and a surprisingly low price for such sound quality and functionality. A great choice for the home studio and beginning music lovers. Our choice.

OneOdio Studio Hi-Fi Specifications

  • Speaker 50mm driver
  • Sensitivity 110dB ±3dB
  • Plug Type 3.5mm/6.35mm stereo
  • Cable 2 2m-3m audio coiled cable
  • Impedance 32Ω
  • Frequency Response 20Hz-40KHz
  • Cable 1 1.5m audio cable with microphone

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