OneOdio A30 Wireless ANC Headphones Review

Full-size headphones from the budget segment from the Asian manufacturer – OneOdio A30 offer ANC technology, a fairly modern Qualcomm QCC3003 processor, and 25 hours of operation (with ANC turned off), and all this for $79.99. The model is positioned as a solution for beginner music lovers, and in turn the manufacturer is known for his solutions in the field of entry-level Hi-Fi for affordable money. For example, OneOdio Studio Hi-Fi which we recently had in our review pleased with its balance and quality for even less money than the hero of today’s review. However, what is the melomaniacal component of OneOdio A30 expressed and how the headphones sound in general – read on in our review.



OneOdio A30 comes in a very small cardboard box. There are no inserts or dividers inside, but the headphones are protected from accidental external influences by a soft transport case made of thin leatherette. For inexpensive headphones, the presence of a case in the kit is a nice bonus.

The package includes:

  • A30 Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphone
  • AUX 3.5mm Cable
  • Type-C to USB Charging Cable
  • Dual 3.5mm jack Airplane Adapter
  • User Manual
  • Carrying Bag


OneOdio A30

Almost all elements of the OneOdio A30 are made of black matte plastic, durable to the touch. Inside the headband, there is a steel plate, which simultaneously provides both the required force of the cups to the head, and high strength of the construction as a whole. In this case, you can stretch the headband without fear that it may break. For headphones for such a modest amount of money this is also an advantage.

Another advantage, taking into account the price of the device OneOdio A30, is the presence of a soft and fairly thick pillow on the headband, covered with artificial leather. The pillow looks nice and pleasant to the touch – everything is like in more expensive models. There is even an embossed company logo on the outside.

OneOdio A30

The sliding mechanism of the headband is quite tight, but there are mark with numbers on the steel plate. The operating range should also be enough for comfortable wearing on a head of any size.

The cups are attached to the headband using c-shaped holders with a folding mechanism at the base. The mechanism is plastic. Apparently, there are no metal parts in it.

OneOdio A30

When OneOdio A30 folded, the headphones are very compact and do not take up much space, they can be easily placed in any backpack or bag, and even in a large outerwear pocket.

The cup with the holder can not only fold, but also rotate – about 10 degrees in one direction and 90 in the other. This is necessary for comfortable wearing of headphones around the neck, so that sufficiently massive ear cushions do not interfere with head movements. In the cup holders, they have the ability to deviate by about 45 degrees to automatically adjust the cups to the shape of the head.

OneOdio A30

The outer parts of the OneOdio A30 cups resemble vinyl records with the company logo in the central part. This design looks simple and stylish, and at the same time not as cheap as in the case of OneOdio Studio Hi-Fi silver paint.

The slightly oval ear cushions of the OneOdio A30 are made of the same materials as the headband cushion. Their softness is enough to provide proper wearing comfort, they remember the shape well and remain in this state until you remove the headphones from your head. They fit your ears completely, no complaints whatsoever. Also, they are made easily removable, so you can replace them with new ones in the future as they wear out.


OneOdio A30

The OneOdio A30 has simple and intuitive push-button controls. On the left cup at the bottom there are three round buttons and a power indicator. The central button is used to turn on/off, to start or stop tracks, and to activate Bluetooth search mode. You can also use this button to answer an incoming call (one press) or reset it (two presses) and call the voice assistant. The next two buttons (+/-) are used to control the sound volume and skip to the next or previous track (press and hold).

OneOdio A30

The switch with LED indicator on the right cup is used to activate the noise cancelling mode.

At the bottom of each cup is one wired interface. On the left is a 3.5mm jack for the audio cable, and on the right is a USB-C port for charging the built-in battery (500mAH). On the left side a microphone hole for voice transmission.

Overall, the design of the OneOdio A30 can be called very practical and comfort-oriented – which is fully confirmed by our real use.

From the disadvantages we note the absence in the design of metal moving elements. However, the plastic feels quite dense, and inside the headband there is a steel plate, which in general gives a positive feeling of solid and reliable construction.

To activate the search mode of OneOdio A30, you need to press and hold the center button on the left ear cup. After that, they will be visible in the Bluetooth device manager of your smartphone or laptop.

When connecting to a smartphone, it was proposed to enable audio transmission with the AAC codec.


OneOdio A30 Sound

The OneOdio A30 delivered excellent sound quality comparable to wireless models that cost at least twice as much. Great depth of the sound stage, good detail throughout the entire frequency range, bright and rich bass, as well as an overall live sound presentation with a huge volume reserve make OneOdio A30 one of the best in its class. But with noise cancelling turned on, the sound picture changes a bit. The stage becomes not so deep, and the bass is a little flatter. At the same time, the purity of the sound remains the same, as well as the reproducible frequency range – this is a huge advantage over the competition. In a quiet home environment, the change in sound with ANC on is noticeable, but in a noisy city, you can hardly notice such shortcomings. But the sound of OneOdio A30 remains at a high level even with ANC turned on.

When testing the microphone, we found that the voice is transmitted in general perfectly, without distortion. In noisy environments, the headphones automatically turn on the noise canceling by processing the signal from the microphone. Voices are slightly distorted, external noise is heard, but not much. The hum of the subway is partially muted, and a slight monotonous noise is heard in the wind in the background of the interlocutor’s voice. In general, this is also a very good level.


OneOdio A30

OneOdio A30 – excellent entry-level headphones featured a high level of comfort, technology and excellent sound. As always OneOdio offers a great price for a maximum set of pluses that makes this model one of the best in its class. Our choice.

OneOdio A30 Specification

  • Bluetooth Version 5.0
  • Noise Reduction Depth up to 29dB
  • Bluetooth Range I0m/33ft
  • Sensitivity I00±3dB
  • Driver Diameter 40mm
  • Battery Capacity 3.7V/500mAH
  • Bluetooth Chipset QCC3003
  • Using Time 1 25 hours (BT)
  • Using Time 2 45 hours (ANC Only)
  • Impedance 32 Q
  • Frequency Response 20Hz- ·20kHz

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