Falcon Acoustics has released a set for self-assembly of shelf units IMF100

Falcon Acoustics, the largest speaker supplier in the UK, now has a DIY IMF100 shelf speaker kit. This is only the first model in the Complete @ Home series to include six sets.

The set includes two Falcon speakers, Italian birch plywood enclosures and off-the-shelf crossovers. You don’t even need to solder anything, and all the necessary tools are also included. You can assemble the speakers in half an hour – and the whole process is described in the video available on Youtube.

Falcon Acoustics IMF100

An interesting point: the acoustic design of the shelf units is not the simplest – it is a 1/8 wave transmission line, the port of which is brought out to the front panel.

The speakers are matched pairs of Falcon B110 and T27 with flanges, the same ones used in the 1974 Falcon LS3 / 5a BBC monitor prototype. It is a five-inch mid / low-frequency driver with a backstren cone and a 19mm mylar tweeter. According to the company, the sound resembles those same BBC monitors, but a little more bass: speakers play from 38 Hz to 20 kHz, sensitivity – 86 dB.

The cabinet walls are 9 and 12 mm thick, covered with natural walnut or mahogany veneer, and the set also includes protective grilles attached to magnets. As a result, each speaker weighs 12.5kg.

Falcon Acoustics IMF100

As stated in the description, it turns out that “you can take a special high-quality Falcon acoustics for less than half the cost of comparable ready-made solutions from competitors – and spend only half an hour of assembly time”.

In the UK, the kit was priced at £ 1,495 including taxes and £ 1,245 excluding.

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