Focal introduced the relatively affordable Celestee headphones in a closed blue case

The Celestee headphones are positioned by Focal as “affordable luxury”. These are the first French full-size headphones that came out in Navy Blue, and the fact that their debut fell at the beginning of the year is already becoming a tradition: the previous Focal headphones were also introduced in February — although the 2019 model Stellia is in a higher price category.

An analog, as close as possible to the new product in terms of ideology, can be considered closed headphones Elegia, released a year earlier. The Celestee differs from them in detail, but the style and all the external features of the design are repeated exactly. As for the internal content, the Celestee is equipped with the same speakers with an aluminum-magnesium dome diaphragm M-shaped profile.

Focal Celestee

Accordingly, the Celestee repeats the main characteristics of the Elegia: the “democratic” impedance of 35 ohms and the frequency range of 5 Hz-23 kHz. The Celestee cups have a complex internal volume structure that almost completely eliminates internal resonances. Focal also promised a precise tonal balance with deep bass and clear mid-to-high frequencies.

Focal Celestee

The metal headband of the novelty received a soft finish made of leather and microfiber. Leather ear pads provide increased sound insulation. The dark blue cases are complemented with details in the colors of copper and bronze, and a stylish carrying case is included.

Focal Celestee

The Focal Celestee headphones will be available in the US in February at a price of $990.

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